Kitchen Services

Everybody loves a clean kitchen.

That's why Specialty Textile Services supplies a variety of products needed for the busy kitchen professional. Maintaining a clean environment for your establishment and staff is easily attained when utilizing our towel, apron, and apparel service.

A Specialty Textile service representative will pickup soiled goods and deliver clean, sanitized products on a weekly or multi-weekly basis, Rest assured that because we are dedicated exclusively to the hospitality industry Specialty Textile Services WILL NOT process any Industrial "Heavy Soil" or Medical "Blood Borne Pathogen" products, meaning that your linens return to you clean and sanitary– every time.


  • Bar & Kitchen 
  • Polishing/Microfiber 
  • Oshiburi/Huck


  • Bib 
  • Bistro 
  • 4 Way


  • Chef Coats 
  • Chef Pants 
  • Cook Shirts 
  • Aprons

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